About Us

Founded In 1986, Harvest Church International Outreach is non-denominational, multicultural church led by Senior Pastor, Steve Houpe. Harvest Church called the “Oasis of Love”, is overflowing with the compassion and love of God. With more than 500 members. Easily one of the fastest growing ministries in the mid-west and around the world.

Harvest Church International is a non-profit organization with the main campus in the greater Kansas City Area and branch ministers in both Topeka, Kansas and Saint Joseph Missouri. Increased growth and diverse demographics expansion was necessary. This includes “Project Destiny”, a vision given by God to Pastor Houpe to impact the lives of others in the community through education and variety of programs that will encourage self-esteem and self-determination. Through integrity, through service, and through compassion for the community-at-large.

Firmly set in the local and global communities, Harvest Church mission and mandate is to “Change Live with the Word of God”.

My wife and I would like to extend a warm welcome and “Thank You”, for visiting Harvest Church International Outreach.